="true">B-ball is gogo number 56 in series 1. He comes in yellow, brown, gray, green or black. He has a basketball. ="true" data-rte-empty-lines-before="1">Stats: ="true" data-rte-empty-lines-before="1">Speed: 2 ="true" data-rte-empty-lines-before="1">Bounce: 3 ="true" data-rte-empty-lines-before="1">Balance:4 ="true" data-rte-empty-lines-before="1">Favorite game: Basket (well duh) ="true" data-rte-empty-lines-before="1">Trivia ="true" data-rte-empty-lines-before="1">B-ball's name comes from basket ball. ="true" data-rte-empty-lines-before="1">Description: If the sport has a ball, he is the master. ="true" data-rte-empty-lines-before="1">I like this gogo he seems good.

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